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My Family
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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Spinning my wheels

Some days it just seems as if I run around in circles and achieve absolutely nothing. I actually cleared off my sideboard the other day and was so proud - today it's stacked with kids stuff again. Sigh....... Just not sure what the point of cleaning is beyond the main areas that need to be cleaned for health reasons - bathrooms and the kitchen. Really other then that - what's the deal about a little dust, or stacks of papers, or piles of laundry. We sure like to beat ourselves up over that though, don't we?

I once heard a quote by a mom who was complaining about her torn up lawn due to her four sons who were constantly running around, playing ball etc. Her husband looked at her and said - in 20 years we'll grow a lawn, right now we're growing our sons. Nicely said.

However, in this marathon type of parenting we've got going on - 29 years down, another 12 just to get the last one to 18 - we will be far too exhausted and could possibly be incapable of keeping a nice tidy little house. So be it - I will make peace with the dust and try to enjoy the people who create it.

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