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My Family
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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Another year older

When I was turning 50 and was having a little trouble with that age - for one reason my mother died at 49 and I thought she was old then - a wise woman told me, it's only a number. I've never forgotten that and now that I'm turning 55 - half way through that 5th decade I still choose to embrace the fact that it's only a number.

So, I've been asking people if we celebrate golden birthdays, well here in MN we do, which is the year you turn the age of your birthdate then what happens when you turn the age of the year you were born? Then I thought at least half my kids will probably never celebrate that year - or did when they were too young to appreciate it. Yet another reason to be happy I was born in 1955.

Now I'm thinking I should set some lofty goals for this year. That I'll have to think about. The past 3 or 4 mos. we've been in survival mode, so the goal was simply making it through one day at a time. I hate living that way as it tends to suck the joy out of life. Starting today - I'm going to make some intentional goals. The first goal is to get our eating under control. We've only made it to the farmer's market once or twice this summer - generally we've gone weekly. Today's goal is to make a healthy menu plan and shop for it. It does make it trickier when the weather is so hot and we don't like to run the oven when the air is on, but we'll figure it out.

Another exciting event this week was Jacob started school at a charter school that we've been on the waiting list for and the first day of school they called to let us know there was an opening for Ella. Amazingly, the seat available was right next to one of her best friends and the class has 3 other friends. Such an above and beyond answer to prayer. She is grieving the loss of her old school, but I know she is where she should be and that that will pass.

Today I plan to enjoy and be grateful for this day, no matter what challenges it may bring.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Good day

We did something with Shannon today that I don't think I would have considered trying before her surgery. We went on a 1 and 1/2 hr. river boat tour. It would have been much too risky to try before her surgery due to her "fussiness" - which was actually very serious pain I'm sure. She can sit much more comfortably in her chair now. Jonathan and Jill came with us, which was awesome as well.

Shannon was also able to spend two evenings with Linda and Paul for the first time in a month. It was great to have her out of the house - and I can't imagine how great it was for her to be at Linda and Paul's - her second family.

Jacob went to his open house at the new school he will be attending. He's very excited and we're excited for him. This school is a great fit for him. Hopefully, Ella, who is on the waiting list, will get in soon as well. This school starts a month before our local school and apparently many parents use it for a month of free day care and then drop out right before their local school starts - tacky! Anyway, that'd be to our advantage if it gets Ella in.

We tried to make this past week a really fun one for Jacob - Valleyfair, a movie, lunch and dinner out and the riverboat ride. Right now dad has them at the Y pool. He is counting the days till school starts - so - here's to hoping that excitement lasts.