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My Family
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Thursday, February 18, 2010

So not fair!

Yesterday Shannon had an appointment with her back specialist. He's been watching her scoliosis for years and we had expected that eventually major back surgery would be needed, but thought we had at least a few more years before we had to deal with it. Well, yesterday's X-rays showed a 55 degree curvature - a 10 degree increase in 6 months. She has curves in 2 spots. She also gained 10 lbs. and grew 1 and 1/2".

Mark said he felt like he was punched in the stomach - just wasn't expecting it. It's not a great time for our family either with wedding plans and all, but that seems selfish to even mention when Shannon will have to deal, well has to deal, with so much pain so very often. She rarely awakens in the morning without crying from pain due to her cerebral palsy.

When my kids complain about something being unfair I often give the mommy answer - who said life was fair. But honestly, this is just so very very unfair.

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