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My Family
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Thursday, September 23, 2010


We're several weeks into the school year and a realization that started to occur this summer is hitting me again. This family won't be any less demanding as it ages - in fact perhaps more so. Demanding is the right word for now I guess even though it sounds negative, but most of what is taking up our time are not choices - they are necessities - therefore demands. Hopefully what will change is the demand part and we'll have more choice about how we spend our time. I'm also in great need of more sleep - I definitely got more sleep in the summer and am realizing I need to get to bed earlier as there's no time for an afternoon nap when the buses start returning shortly after 2.

This summer brought many stressful events. We started with Melissa's wedding, which was wonderful, but clearly stressful. Then we prepared for Shannon's surgery, which was far less stressful then we expected - which was a relief. In Aug. we then had a housing crisis with another daughter, which is soon to be resolved Oct. 1 as she moves into her own supported apt. That will be a huge relief.

This fall Christian and Shannon started a new school. For Christian it's been great thus far. As far as we know for Shannon it's fine, but it's very different. We're also very concerned as her hips have begun causing her severe pain. We can barely move them and she screams. We're not sure if it's muscle spasming and are anxious to take her to the physiatrist Oct. 4 and see what can be done. Since she went through surgery so well, it's been difficult to see her suffering pain for an entirely different reason.

As my son Conor's friend is dealing with the death of his young wife and facing single fatherhood with a 1 yr. old and a 2 mo. old I am reminded how very blessed I am. So today I will count those many blessings in my life and forge on. Maybe I'll even sneak in a nap - probably not - but it sure sounds good about now.

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