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My Family
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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Wow - summer must've been busy!

I can't believe I haven't posted since the end of June.  Summer's are pretty busy, but full of things I wish I would have documented.

The funniest, in retrospect, thing that happened involved Callie - of course.  She had been having an exceptionally impulsive day.  Mark and I had only sat down to rest for a few minutes when we both realized she wasn't in eye sight.  Mark started walking towards the family room which is one story off the ground and saw things flying towards the window, but didn't hear a sound.  He realized the window was open and there was no screen and she was pitching virtually the entire contents of our family room out the window.  As he started running towards her saying, "Callie, Callie, Callie,"  she started throwing as fast as possible as to finish what she had started.

It was one of those times when what she did was so enormous it was laughable - even in the moment.  It was, however, beastly hot and not much fun to make her pick it up and haul it back into the house.
The girl may have a point - I'm in a bit of a pitching mood myself - if only to avoid her calling my attention to the fact we all have too much.  Putting it neatly in bags before hauling it outdoors is a lot easier.

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