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My Family
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Friday, October 7, 2011

In Sync - but not the band

Yesterday it was very hectic here, not especially unusual I suppose.  I was running in the door after dropping Ella off at soccer practice and Mark was slicing mushrooms while he had something outside on the grill.  He said, "Can you take over?"  "Sure," I said.  Our Melissa was standing in the kitchen and commented on our ability to, relatively seamlessly, take over each other's duties when needed.  Mind you it's not always seamless and I have a tendency to think my way is better than however Mark is going to do it, but generally we are in sync, shall we say.

It's a good reminder that the easy rhythm we have in our marriage wasn't always there and I need to remind our young married kids that this too will happen for them, but it takes time.  Sure we still get on each other's nerves and step on each other's toes, but the practice of every day living does cut down on those times.

Years back a good friend who also had been married for, probably 25 yrs. at that point, said the thing he would most miss if his marriage ended was the history they shared together.  How true it is that no one else has been there for all the experiences we've enjoyed and sometimes endured together.  There are so many expressions or jokes we repeat or stories we remember that no one else shares.  The longer we're together the more memories we gather.  Well, now I'm just depressing myself because like it or not someday there will cease to be new memories to share.  With the household of kids we're still raising one of the rare times we argue it's over who gets to go first - Me first - Me first!

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