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My Family
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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Yesterday was conference day for Ella and Jacob.  Jacob has struggled with his school work since, forever.  He received special ed. services as a preschooler and was placed in a DCD, Developmentally Cognitively Delayed, classroom in Kindergarten.  Mark and I both thought and stated we did not see Jacob as having delays, he was just struggling.  Whether it was because of his prematurity and early hospitalization or being adopted at 19 mos. and the adjustment to all that I don't know.  But, we always knew he would catch up.

Yesterday I walked into the classroom and the teacher was so excited she could barely contain herself.  She said, "You won't believe what Jacob did today."  She proceeded to tell me as she was retesting him quickly before our conference to check his reading level she started at the G level, the level he'd been working on.  He aced it.  She handed him the H level - aced it and answered all her comprehension questions.  Then the I level and then the J level and that's where he began to struggle a bit.  He is now at the level which is the beginning of his grade.  It's the first time his grade level and reading level are within reach - she declared, "He will be caught up by the end of this year."

We have had the privilege to witness so many fantastic accomplishments with our kids.  We may have made some good decisions along the way that helped them to achieve their successes, but most of the kids have just had incredible perseverance.  The best decision we made was to have Jacob repeat Kindergarten.  We were able to have him take Kindergarten in two different schools which really helped as he didn't have to watch former classmates pass him up.  Our second best decision was moving him to Paideia Academy.  The way they provide their sped services and the small classroom sizes they are committed to along with their school calendar that keeps them in school from mid June till early Aug., so he retains what he learned.  He also has summer fun camp at school which is designed to help with retention and - score - he loved it!

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