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My Family
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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Thoughts on Callie Turning 12

We've had a little over 9 years with Callie girl and they have been so full - very full.  This past year we had some highs and some lows.  We survived the lows and relished the highs.

Callie's level of anxiety became unbearable and was stealing her joy in life and spreading anxiety and concern to those of us who love her.  We finally felt we were at a spot where pharmaceuticals were no longer avoidable as a tool.  It was a timely and appropriate decision.

As she prepared to enter middle school this year we were especially concerned with the increase in noise level and number of bells she would have to endure on a daily basis.  From all that I've heard she has adjusted very well.  On her birthday Fri., I heard that a group of girls came to her table and serenaded her with the Happy Birthday song.  She was thrilled and gave hugs all around.  How cool is that?

She also was able to enjoy roller coasters - really enjoy them.  She is participating in Special Olympics and, for the most part, handling the sensory overload that is involved very well.

So as we finish out her preteen years who knows what is to be.  I've been toying with writing a book, specifically about Callie and her amazing story.  Myrikle in the Making is my "working" title.  I guess since I haven't written one page it's really an "un-working" title.  If you don't know the story Myrikle was the name her birth mom gave her.  As I've said before her name was far more prophetic that I could have imagined.

Watching how God works in Callie's life has and I know will continue to be one of the most exciting adventures of my life.  I learn so much from her and am always amazed by how much influence she wields on so many people.  She's effected so many others by her huge personality.

                                    Here's to an awesome 12th year full of amazing adventures!
                                                          We love you Callie Girl.

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