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My Family
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Monday, October 29, 2012

Super Storms - Super Scary

I am not a worrier at heart.  I'm really not - but - watching this monster storm, Sandy, hit the east coast creates just a bit of panic in me.  I wonder what in heavens name we would do if it happened to us.

Years ago, before our final 3 kids arrived, we lost power after a terrible thunderstorm for about 4 days.  We lasted about a two days before we packed up and hit a hotel.  Last winter we lost power a couple days and ended up at a hotel pretty quickly due to the cold.  I spent the night with Callie as I thought she'd do better at home and Mark stayed at the hotel with the kids that were left.  It was below 50 when we woke up and ran to our car hightailing it to the hotel.  Thankfully, by the time church was over the power returned and I'm even more thankful we could afford to go to a hotel, although it did blow the budget temporarily.

For us, loss of power means loss of water - we have a well, which is a lot more difficult to live without than just lights and electronics.  No water means no flushing, no showers or water to clean various people at all for any reason - catching my drift? No way to make Shannie's liquid diet, nor keep it safely refrigerated.  It's pretty much a disaster for us, but again, so far we could afford a hotel in a pinch.

So my thoughts and prayers really go out to those I know and love in the east coast, but especially those with disabled family members who have medical equipment that depends on electricity or medical disorders that make it difficult to regulate their body temperatures.  For some people it's not simply an inconvenience that'll make for awesome story telling some day.  It can be life or death and that's why I feel just a little bit panicked at the thought and ever so grateful that we are safely in the middle of this great country.

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