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My Family
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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Beautiful Eyes

Yesterday Ella was invited to a new friend's house. She was in heaven as her friend has horses, among other things. A lovely home and only one older sibling - like going to Mars for Ella.

After she came home she was standing in the kitchen and asked me if I thought she had the most beautiful eyes I'd ever seen. I was taken aback. Of course I think she is gorgeous, but it's not something I often tell her. She said her friend's mom had made this comment about her eyes. A bit later I found her in the bathroom "smiling" at her eyes. That mom has no idea the impact of that simple statement.

In the world we live in it is blue eyed blondes which rule the beauty mark, so to speak. So for that mom to state - really the obvious - just made this mom and that 8 yr. old's day.

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