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My Family
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Friday, March 26, 2010

Mazel Tov!

This morning was going so well. Everyone got up and dressed on time. Mark is still gone, so soloing through the morning routine is tricky. Callie was a little off, had trouble falling asleep last night and woke early this morning which doesn't help. Ella and Jacob headed off to school and I put Shannon on her bus.

As I'm helping Christian get his shoes on in the dining room Callie passes me into the kitchen and I think - awesome she's going to get her shoes on. Then I hear a loud - smash - as she throws a juice glass at full force onto the kitchen floor. It spread from one end to the other of our very old and full of crevices and cracks hard wood floor. I immediately and firmly send her to time out and sit on the floor of the dining room. She starts her - that's wrong! Then spells it - W-E-D-R-N - WRONG! So, her spellings not so great, but she certainly understood it was wrong.

Clearly impulse control isn't one of her best traits. She just can't seem to stop herself, although after the fact can state that is was wrong. I swept and vacumned and shook out the rug, which I managed to finish before it was time to get Callie and Christian out to the bus. Christian seemed to understand I was harried and was well behaved - a nice side benefit.

After they left and I got my perspective back I thought well we should have just shouted Mazol Tov!

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