My Family

My Family
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Friday, November 12, 2010

What do I do all day?

Someone - OK - my dad asked me today what I do with all my time now that the kids are in school all day. It's odd that I even think I owe anyone an explanation, but for some reason I do - or maybe I'm just incensed that he has no idea how "full" our lives are.

I think the other reason it bugged me is I really thought I too would have some free time this year, but there always seems to be something, or someone, that needs my attention. Perhaps if my house was new and didn't need so much renovation or if the kids were older or more self-sufficient. Whatever - there's always an excuse for why the time just seems to slip by so fast.

As Thanksgiving approaches I'm going to chose to be grateful that my life is so very full with wonderful kids, grandkids and in-laws and all the craziness that goes with them - and I do mean crazy!

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