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My Family
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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Giggles on the couch

Tonight there was a family film on TV - Change of Plans - in which a couple without children inherit 4 children due to tragic circumstances. It was fun to watch with the kids and a bit of a tearjerker - completely unrealistic - in just a few weeks the kids all fall in love with their new parents - right.......

During one commercial break there was an ad promoting adoption - specifically older adoption. The kids would say things like, "now I have a mom and dad to tuck me in" and "now I have a mom to read me a story every day" - ah, so cute. Then one kid says, "sometimes my mom lets me and my sister stay up late and watch a movie" to which Ella and Jacob shout - "ah, no fair you never do that!" Then Ella says - "wait, we're doing that now aren't we?" Well, technically it wasn't late, but glad she recognized she didn't get such a raw deal.

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