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My Family
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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Green flag us!

Late Sunday afternoon Shannon developed a crudie eye which I knew was pink eye. Jonathan and Jill both had it and I've seen it many times. So, I started flushing it like crazy with a baking soda water mix I read about as a natural treatment. By Mon. morning it was hardly even red - but - I knew if I didn't get Dr. ordered drops school would be a problem.
I really didn't want to have to drag Shannon into the Doc's office and Mark was on an overnight with Ella and Jacob, so I called in to see if they'd just order the drops for me. When the nurse called she asked me to tell her the symptoms, which I did, but she quizzed me a bit and I really had to bite my tongue to not just yell - I'm pretty sure I've seen more cases of pink eye just in my family then you have at work - but I managed to control my tongue. It's really a pride issue, I guess, as we've had so many times that we've had to run to school to change out a G-tube because the medical staff had no idea what to do when one has fallen out.
I wish that there was a way to flag our kids files so that staff could know - these people know what they're doing! Maybe I should market that - green for knowledgeable parents, yellow for parents open to learning or on their way and red for parents who call and freak out about every little thing. Boy, that would sure save me a lot of time and frustration and it's, of course, really about me isn't it?

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