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My Family
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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Callie + Reader's Theatre = Hilarity

In case I haven't mentioned it before Callie is missing the inhibition factor most of us develop as we become aware of the fact people are watching.  Callie, however, could not care less.  The play she was in was a take off on Little Red Riding Hood and she played a mother.  She played it well and remembered all her lines.  As she watched the other plays she ran up during one to put the pillow in it's correct spot and in another she turned a prop around that was placed backwards.  I have no question that she probably knew most if not all the lines in each play as well.

After the plays, the teacher played a DVD she made that highlighted the past year of school.  Callie sat quietly at first - then they played the Macarana song and she began doing the movements in her seat.  Next came the Electric Slide and there was no holding her back.  Her aide pulled her to the side, but unless they removed her from the classroom she was not going to stop.  Fortunately, the classroom teacher thought it was an added bonus and judging from the giggles of parents, no one seemed too terribly annoyed.  It's a difficult balance sometimes between appropriate behavior and letting her express herself.  Just because the rest of us are afraid to let it all hang out, why should we stop her from said hanging out.

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