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My Family
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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

I have never shared a Mother's Day with my mother as she died before I became one.  I also never lived in the same town as my mother-in-law, so other than a phone call, the holiday has always been mine alone.  This may not have been in my favor as it allowed me to make it all about me.  For probably the first 20+ years I celebrated Mother's Day my dear husband tried to make it special for me, but my expectations were absurd.  He also frequently had to work and so getting the day "off" for either of us wasn't working very well.

Several years back I mentioned to my kids that I wanted a 4 slice toaster for Mother's Day - unfortunately my sarcasm was lost on them and they were so excited when Mark presented this present to me. I stared back and very ungraciously said - seriously a toaster.  

I finally decided that my husband was the most wonderful father and generous husband and that giving him a bad time for being a less than perfect gift giver said more about what an ungrateful person I was than whether or not he appreciated me.  

The best gift we gave ourselves was no gifts at all.  We either buy something for ourselves or just go out for dinner and a movie or sometimes spend a night in a motel - all better than stressing out trying to buy just that right thing.

However, this year he about busted a gut with excitement, although I was clueless, when he presented me with the most generous gift ever - a laptop computer.  Not just any laptop, but a MacBook Air.  I've been waxing poetic about that book I'm going to write someday and how it would be so much easier if I just had a laptop I could use.  Well, here it is and now the pressure is on.  Not from number one husband, but from myself.  

This present totally makes up for the toaster - I pinky swear promise to never mention it again.  Oh my goodness, how in heavens name can I match this for Father's Day - yikes!

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