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My Family
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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Cookies with Kaia

Yesterday I got to have my Grandgirlies over for the day while mom and dad worked.  Kaia, 2 1/2, and I made cookies.  I found a cookie sheet that has Christmas shapes built in so you just push the dough in.  For a little one it seemed just the right amount of work.  As we were mixing the dough and pushing it into the pan I started thinking about my mother.

My mom died when I was 19 and was never able to enjoy grandparenting.  I was so sad for all she has missed.   I think she would have enjoyed it.  She might not have enjoyed the domestic type projects we were pursuing yesterday, but she would have loved to have taken the kids to plays, concerts, museums or movies.  How much she has missed.  I felt a  burden yesterday - of the joyful kind, if that's possible - to somehow make my mother a part of our day.

So, I enjoyed every minute of yesterday.  I was experiencing the joy for the both of us.  I miss you mom.

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