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My Family
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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Youtube is for Eternity

I was reciting John 3:16 with Callie the other night and I asked her - eternal life - where will you spend eternal life?  She thought a minute and blurted - "Youtube".  That girl just cracks me up.  We repeated the same scenario last night and she replied, "Crazy ride".  I think we'll move on tonight - not sure I want to hear her next description.

That is not how I envision heaven at all, but with her current obsession with amusement rides this apparently signifies paradise.  Perhaps it's the possibility of all her fears dissolving, never needing her earmuffs to cover up the myriad of noises that daily assault her hearing and send her running from rooms or hugging the earmuffs tightly to her head.

I envision heaven for Callie being a place where she can run, play, dance and sing without worries of sudden noises.  Where her senses can take in all the sounds, smells and sights with joyous abandon and without fear of any kind.  How awesome that will be - seeing all my kids with all their earthly chains - physical disabilities, cognitive delays, mental health issues, learning disabilities - freed to express and experience everything to the fullest will truly be heaven for me too.

To quote a song we used to sing, "Heaven is a wonderful place - filled with glory and grace"

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