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My Family
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Friday, April 27, 2012

Yesterday Callie had speech first thing in the morning.  Mark generally takes her, but Christian had a dental appt. at the same time, so we each took one and I got Callie.  There was a grandmother there with her grandson.  Callie knew the boy and sat right next to him in the waiting room and began a conversation.  The grandmother and I introduced ourselves and chit chatted a bit.  The therapists took the kids back into their respective rooms and the grandmother and I began a conversation.

The first thing she asked was whether I was Callie's teacher or a therapist of some kind.  She immediately followed with an apology after I said I was her mother.  Now, obviously, the fact that she is clearly not my bio-child led her to think of other possibilities rather then immediately assuming I was her mother.  Her apology came after she said something to the effect that I didn't talk to her like a mother, but more like a professional.

I asked Mark later, if that was a compliment or a dis?   By dis I mean stating I didn't sound motherly.  I was a much more touchy feely mom as a younger less experienced mom, but I suppose as I've gained experience I'm just more matter of fact and, well, businesslike about it. Parenting kids, especially those with disabilities is my profession, so I guess if I sounded professional that's a good thing and I'm actually proud of that.  I am totally claiming my professional status.

Now, to come up with a professional sounding title.  How about Chief Progeny Officer or Executive Administrator of Descendants?

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