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My Family
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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Day One Special Olympics Meet 2012

Today was the first day and there were mixed results.  Christian and Chad had softball throws and Callie was to have her tennis ball throw.

Chad went first and took the silver in his division.  Christian was next and he took 5th place. It was his birthday and he was in rare form.  He kept telling the kid next to him that it was his birthday and pointing at me and telling him I was his mom - which was confusing for him.

On our way to the track Christian got more than a little ahead of himself and totally biffed it on the blacktop.  He nailed his ear the most and it bled for quite some time, but he got over it just the same.  It reminded me of a time he fell down at the zoo and every parent around us sucked in their breathe.  Mark and I both just looked at him and said - "you ok?"  "Yup" he answered and on we went.  He falls much less frequently, but falling was, is and likely will be a part of his life forever.  His cerebral palsy just keeps him off-balance and his desire to be independent and occasionally dismiss the warnings to slow down are a recipe for spills.

As we watched some other athletes run or roll their races Callie was a little anxious about the starter guns, but she'd done so well at the area meet I wasn't too worried about it.  We took a little break in the van before her throw and she seemed fine.  It was her turn and she sat on the bench ready to take her turn and then a gun went off and so did she.  She ran and Kylie, her friend and also a college sprinter - I'm no novice - chased her.  We got her to stop, but she dropped to the ground.  She was crying, threw her ear protectors and refused to get off the ground.  We tried everything to get her to go back, but nothing worked.  A volunteer came to ask if we needed medical help.  Thankfully her big brother also came along because he had to carry her to the van.

We're thinking that the gunshots may have been cumulative and so for tomorrow the plan is to arrive in time for her run - just, which is her best and first event for the day and then get her away from the track and the guns.  Hopefully that works - if not she will be done until next year.  Here's hoping that's not how it pans out.

Last, but not least - Christian turned 14 today!   Happy Birthday Christian!

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