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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Ella Turns 11!

Ella's 11th birthday was last week.  She's had a couple really busy weeks.  She was in a play, had a band concert, was in a skit and had soccer tournaments. Whew!  I do not belong to the "keep them really busy" style of parenting.  I believe my job, in part, is to teach moderation in all things.  Having something to do every night and all weekend is not moderation.  It's too much and attitudes, not good ones, flourish.

This week we have track and field tonight and then absolutely nothing else on their calendar.  Love it!

Saturday was full of soccer tournament games and open houses.  Ella had 4 games and Jacob had 2.  We had to do the parental split - Mark took Jacob and I took Ella and then the boys joined us for Ella's last 2 games after a well planned break at an open house - free lunch!  Ella's team had a great season.  They had no losses - made 49 goals and only had 4 goals made against them.  They sweeped their tournament games and had no goals made against them.  When Ella received her trophy she was introduced as the girl with the hair and a great sense of humor.  She signed the coaches thank you card, "Ella was here."

She has 3 more days of 5th grade then she's officially a middle schooler.  I'm so grateful that her school is K-8 and she will simply have a change in schedule and many classmates, but many of her closest friends will remain.

It won't be long and Ella will be old enough to help with her older siblings when Mark and I need to be away.  Notice I didn't say mature enough - that she already is, but 11 sounds too young to be left in charge.  I have no doubt that she could be trusted caring for several of her siblings.  She has helped with Shannie's lifts in a pinch as well.  We are very careful not to expect our typical kids to be caretakers so they develop resentment.  When it's a job, well that's entirely different, and she will love the extra spending money.

I'm so grateful for Ella's calm, kind and funny personality.  She has always been the balance when all goes a little nuts in the house.  As she gets older she will occasionally retreat to her room and that is a very healthy response and I applaud that as well.  Moderation - that's our goal.

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