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My Family
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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Laughing Because I Love

This is Frankie McDonald.  He has his own youtube channel.  He really loves to talk about weather, but also likes dancing and holidays.  He also, pretty clearly, has a developmental disability, perhaps autism.  When I watched the first time I wasn't sure if it was okay to laugh.  My conclusion is that it's okay if this is a population of people you really love, and I do.  Frankie is passionate about whatever he's talking about.  His parents are clearly aware that he's creating all these videos and likely are encouraging him.  All of us who have children with obsessions knows there are some battles you chose to fight and some that are not worth fighting.  I have no doubt that this obsession keeps Frankie very busy and in a much more fruitful way than many other obsessions.  He also keeps track of how many hits he has, so he really wants people to watch.

Some of the other videos I saw, including several radio stations,  featuring Frankie were clearly making fun of Frankie and were not laughing because they love.  That is my one reservation of sharing this video at all.  I don't want people to misunderstand that it's okay to laugh at Frankie.  Enjoying how he sees the world is different than laughing at him.  In this video Frankie clearly cares deeply that we Minnesotans need to be careful with our extremely cold temperatures so BE PREPARED!

How can you not love the extra body noises and the fantastic Canadian accent, this coming from a Minnasootah girl.  Frankie - thanks for the warning and I'll be watching you.

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