My Family

My Family
Here we all are!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Here I go!

I have the worst memory in the world.  So, before it's past the point of no return I thought I'd try to keep track of our life - my wonderful husband Mark and my incredible kids.  There are 11 of them, so it will take a few weeks of posting to flesh them all out in any kind of detail.

Briefly, they are, Chad 34, Conor 28, his wife Shannan and their son Dominic, Jonathan 25 and his wife Jill, Kelsey 24, Melissa 23, Chris 18, Shannon 11, Christian 10, Callie 8, Ella 7, and Jacob 5.

They have provided more then enough joy, sorrow, excitement, bliss, intrigue etc. etc. for several lifetimes.  I always wanted a big family, but I may have outdone any fantasy I had about how that'd look.

Mark and Chris left for Florida for his last high school trip with dad :=(  Even though we've launched several kids into adulthood, it still sneaks up on me.  I always feel as though there's something more I should have done, taught, lectured, impressed upon - whatever, but at the same time I know we did the best we could and that's all we can do.  

I have an hour to prepare before the kids come home from school, the ones that are in school, or the invasion as I call it.  They have a 4-day weekend off of school - and the weather stinks for outdoor play, so my creative mom side will have to be called into action.  We'll figure it out - as we always do.

Later - 


  1. Paula! Welcome to the Blogosphere! I've been blogging for a while now ... it keeps my writing juices honed, but it allows all my friends and family north keep up with my crazy life. :)

    Have fun with the four day weekend.

    Did they all come home sugared up after V day celebrations? I had my V day party with my class ... ice cream sundaes for all ... Miss Murray's treat. I believe there are parents out there this evening cursing my name.

  2. The sad part in my case is most of our kids either can't eat their treats or just don't, so guess who gets into them. :={ Fortunately I'm not generally interested unless it's chocolate, but that's more then I need for sure.