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My Family
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Friday, February 13, 2009

off school

Another teacher inservice day.  No school for my kids.  The good news is they slept in till 8 - awesome.  The better news is it's 11 and there have been no major fights of any kind.  I have 6 kids in the house - so that's pretty awesome.  
So, now it's 8:40PM - more then a few interruptions.  All in all the kids got along well today.  

Tomorrow night my son Conor and grandson Dominic are joining the 6 at home for dinner.  His wife, Shannan, is a standup comic and couldn't pass up a gig for Valentine's night.  So, lame as it is, he is spending Valentine's day with his mom and siblings.  Dominic just started walking and I haven't seen him on two feet yet, so am super excited.

Hopefully, we can keep Callie in particular from knocking him over.  She has developmental delays and is VERY impulsive.  She has no patience whatsoever for crying kids - fortunately Dom rarely cries, but you never know.  It's hard to take her anyplace where kids are around as you never know when she might be set off.  

I suppose I should get the kids snacked up for bed - 

Later - 

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