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My Family
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Friday, December 18, 2009

Great start to the week

Well, the way this week started out I figured it couldn't possibly go anywhere but up. First thing Monday morning Jacob came running over to tell us - there's dog poop all over the floor. Mark and I both ran over to the family room and sure enough there was dog doo traipsed all over the floor and area rug.

It looked like Christian was the most likely candidate so we made him sit immediately and proceeded to check the bottom of the slippers he had on, but no poop there. We kept checking shoes and feet - nothing. Finally Mark pulled the slippers off and sure enough - for some unknown reason Christian had walked the poo all over and then thought - I'll just put on Ella's new slippers to cover it up. So very very gross. We spot cleaned the rug and mopped the floor while trying not to fall behind in our morning routine - which is a pretty tight schedule.

There were other issues later in the week that made the poop mess seem like a walk through roses. You can walk through poop literally - or figuratively. Honestly - the real poop was a lot easier to clean up and just makes for hysterical storytelling. The figurative poop will take a lot longer to clean up - literally.

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