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My Family
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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Survival mode

So, we're half way through Christmas break. I know I should enjoy it, but sometimes I just get tired.

Callie woke up at 4AM today and was just about to get back to sleep at 5 when the alarm went off for Mark to get Shannon off to surgery. So, I got Shannon ready while hoping Callie didn't wake up the rest of the house and Mark got ready to go. After Mark left - I checked my phone and Jonathan had called. He and Jill were going to Las Vegas for a grad celebration. Well, their cab didn't show and they were panicking. Thankfully their place and the airport were all on the way to the hospital. Apparently with all the increased security they just made it.

So, it took until about 6:30 for Callie to fall back to sleep and by then I couldn't. Nothing more frustrating then trying to fall to sleep.

Shannon's surgery was to remove her the plate which was put into place after her hip surgery last year. It has really caused a lot of pain over the last year and we are really counting on it relieving that. She also had botox and phenol injections which help with her spasticity. She is such a trooper, but it's been a tough year for her.

Here's hoping for a restful night - pretty please.

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