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My Family
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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spring Break day two

So, today was an interesting freebie. Ella and Jacob thought it was so cool to help mom clean house - for like an hour or more. Jacob vacumned, until I couldn't take the noisy vacumn anymore. Ella mopped and then cleaned windows. It occupied nearly a full morning. Then they got bored.

So, Ella, Jacob and I went to McD's to eat and play. They played for 1 & 1/2 hrs. while I read - a win-win situation. Callie was with Julie today and Christian and Shannie stayed with Mark. Shannie has the ear infection that has made the rounds here, even though pediatricians will tell you they are not contagious - whatever - 3 in the past month or 2.

Christian started out the day just a pickin' on Callie. He has definitely established that pecking order - for whatever reason. The wierd thing is when just the two of them are home, they play well together. For some reason if Ella and Jacob are around - he constantly picks on her.

Mark and Jonathan took the boys to get their hair cut. There used to be a barbershop in our mall that cut African-American hair, but it close some time ago and we've had trouble finding a place near by ever since. Conor and Shannan have a good friend - Orlando who has a shop, so they headed out there. Well, Orlando was delayed and so no one was there. They ended up going to a shop across the street. She did a decent job - Jacob loves having his hair cut. Christian hates it. It often takes 3 people to hold him while their trying not to cut something other then his hair. I think for the summer we'll just shave his head weekly as he's getting his bath. Not really worth the money or fight when you can't get the cool detailing - which is the part Jacob loves so much.

Today ended with a rousing game of newspaper tag - Mark chases the kids and slaps them with a newspaper - they love it. They run and scream as if they're scared. Hi-larious. Then we read our book - The Saturdays by Elizabeth Enright. What an awesome writer. She never wrote down to kids and they all listened intently. The vocabulary is so rich. So many words not used much - the rained teemed down - for instance. It's our second generation of kids to enjoy her series about the Melendy family. Hopefully I'll be able to read it to my grandkids next. By the way, Melissa texted today that she is 1 cm. dilated and 50
% effaced, so little Kaia is on the way. We can't wait to meet our granddaughter.

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