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My Family
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Monday, April 6, 2009

Spring break day one

So, we are on a very tight budget right now and the kids are on spring break. This morning I told Ella we need to find as many free things to do this week as possible. Today's free deal is Ella and Jacob are on their way with daddy to the Y in Eagan which has a water slide. We already have a membership, so no extra cost. Hopefully it's entertaining and they come home tired and happy.
The weather is yuck for now, so all outdoor freebies are a no go.

Yesterday on the way to church as I had to admit the several inches of snow we got was very beautiful hanging on the trees Ella said - Mom - it looks like heaven. Well, what can ya say - we're on the way to church don't ya know. She is definitely a cup half full sorta gal. She and daddy had their picture taken Sat. as they packed Easter bags for Here's Life Inner City - another freebie now that I think of it - and it was put in the Sun. paper. Kinda fun. She's been photographed for the Star Tribune twice in her short 7 years. The first time was almost 3 years ago when the paper did an article on our family and there were many photos of us all. The photographer and journalist followed us for about 6 months. It was a fascinating experience and the kids thought it was "normal" to have a photographer follow you around and take your picture everywhere you went - for sure the most photographed 6 months of their lives, or ours for that matter.

I took Callie to the eye doctor who was thrilled that she continues to progress as she has. We always have to giggle as she hardly ever wears her glasses - has thrown 2 pairs out of moving vehicles. Not a real incentive for us to keep replacing them. They generally stay safely in her glasses case in her backpack going back and forth to school. So, when they say - wow she's doing great just keep doing what you're doing. We crack up and inside we're thinking - oh, you mean nothing - great we'll keep doing that. She's just such an amazing kid and God has healed so many of the emotional and physical scars she came with. We just lean back and watch - in awe of the strength of her spirit and the power of God's touch.

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