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My Family
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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Spring break - Wednesday and Thursday

Yesterday Jacob had his therapy appt. and while he was playing games with Kathy Ella and I spent some DEAR - drop everything and read - time . After discussing the plan for school next year - which is first grade with pull-outs for special ed. help she recommended we repeat Kindergarten with a full day program. Mark and I had talked about that - there are a couple reasons we're not thrilled with that idea, but my gut tells me that'd be the best plan. We'll confer with the school psychologist and his SpEd teacher and see if they think it's a good idea as well.

After that we went to an outdoor park - free - and the weather was a bit windy, but the kids didn't care. After dinner Ella, Callie and I headed out for practice at church. The girls are "flagging" with 2 other kids their age while 6 older kids/teens are using sticks to the song "Arise My Love". Callie was bummed because she wanted to use the sticks - she was with Julie, our pastor's wife when she bought them, so we figured she became attached to them for some reason. The other hard part is the song ends with a loud boom - which Callie referred to as a thunderstorm and ran crying from the room. We've practiced a few times at home and I've talked to her about being brave so we'll see.

Gotta run - dinner - more later.

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