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My Family
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Friday, April 24, 2009

Yikes - catch up

OK so far behind. I'll never be able to get caught up with everything, but Callie did an excellent job with the flag waving and after we practiced quite a bit she got comfortable with the music and started taking bows at the end.

Tonight Mark, Ella, Jacob and I went to Chris' lacrosse game. It was the big Lakeville N. Vs. S. rival. This is the first year they each have their own team, so they really wanted to win it. Well, the day was quite warm, but when the sun went down it got very cold and was crazy windy. Anyway, they ended in a tie, had 2 overtimes with no score and then had to call it due to lightening. So now, they have to reschedule to finish it. Totally a nail biter. They kids were great even though they were freezing. Who knew Mark and I would enjoy a sporting event so much. Neither of us are much for sports, but it's so exciting to watch your kid play. Go Cougars!

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