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My Family
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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bargain shopping for the homeless shelter

My Ella loves serving at Simpson's shelter - SHS - this past weekend she got to work beside her friend Samantha. I think the men we serve must just love to see younger kids there. They bring such life and joy in their serving. Good job girls!

My suggestion for this week's bargains are very specific to my church body. This past visit we thought of a couple items that are frequently running out there. One is hot sauce, which the men devour on almost anything we serve. This week at Cub there is Crystal hot sauce for $.59. So, just toss a couple of those in your cart and bring them to church and we'll stock them up when we go to serve again in June.

On May 13 our youth group will be making sandwiches for SHS which the men take with them as they leave in the morning. In the Cub ad this week there is a coupon for Oscar Meyer 12 oz. baloney or salami - limit 2. You can pick an ad up at the service desk. If you'd buy two packages and either freeze them till May 13 and either send them with your youth or get them to me and I will freeze them and get them there.

Happy Shopping!

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