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My Family
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Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter fun at the Reeves!

What a great Easter weekend! Sat. night we were able to serve at Simpson's Men's Shelter - the numbers were down apparently, but it seemed pretty full to me. We were wondering if a holiday weekend would keep numbers down or raise them up. I can't imagine not celebrating Easter weekend - whether you are a Christian or not - without family. How incredibly blessed I am to have so much family to enjoy.

At church Sun. morning Callie was a little wound up and I followed her around - we ended up on the opposite side of the auditorium from the rest of the family for a bit. How fun to have the perspective of what we must look like to other people. I thought - now there's a bunch of people who don't look at all like they belong together for any reason whatsoever. But belong to each other we most certainly do. Who but God Himself could have foreseen that these people together will make a family. How every grateful for that I am.

When we returned home from church I expected to smell that great roast in the oven smell - uh oh - no smell. In the rush of Easter dresses and such I apparently did not turn the oven on. Thankfully we also had a presliced ham in the fridge. So, into the microwave it went and we were good.

Last year a new tradition was born - the jelly bean war. We get to have our jelly beans, but after just a few tastes they are pummeled into each other and gross on the ground - no temptation there, well except for the 2 yr. old grandson who didn't care if they had dirt or grass stuck to them. The weather was just so very awesome - sunny and warm, such a treat on Easter in Minnesota.

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