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My Family
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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Callie loves worship music at church. We've been listening to the team practice before the service and she loves it. She has her perennial request - Lord I lift your name on high. I wasn't paying attention, but after requesting the song, our worship leader Rachel and the choir and the instrumentalists all began to play and sing it for her. Now that is a church family to be proud of. They definitely put even the least of these first and foremost.

As the pastor was talking this morning Callie stood beside him, folded her hands and apparently began to pray which Pastor Scott immediately seized upon and had us join her. He repeated what he could glean from her words, which can be difficult to understand, but she thanked God for all the people being there and for Jesus and God. Our little girl who had no language at 3. I've said it before and I'll say it again - she is truly a miracle.

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  1. Oh Paula, that was such a blessing to be a part of.... You know, that's a song we haven't done in a long time and I was amazed that everyone just started playing, all in the same key, and we were able to sing that for you and Callie.
    Callie is such a blessing.