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My Family
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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Full Moon?

We've noticed a huge correlation between several of our kids - Callie in particular this past time - and an increase in impulsivity or other behavioral issues.  Everyone who works in group homes, hospitals, nursing homes, the court system, etc. they all have notice that there is an increase - this is not a new phenomenon it's a well known fact.  Now, why it occurs is up for grabs, but there is no denying it does happen.  Hello - where do you think the term lunatic came from?  Just google moon cycle and behavior and you'll see a list of the increase in violent crimes etc. etc.

Here are two of Callie's creations over the past super moon - the biggest in almost 20 yrs.  The fish survived and thankfully we did not have a reinactment of the book, "A Fish out of Water".  In case you've never read it the boy in the book can't resist feeding the fish over and over again instead of the small pinch the pet store owner told him to feed it.  The fish ends up huge - too big for even a swimming pool.  
The "mural" on her bedroom wall will take longer to fix.  Yes, it's permanent marker, so painting is in order.  However, my dear Mark, is already in the process of creating a new bedroom for Ella who has been a patient roomate, but as she nears 10, she really needs some space to herself.  So,  he just finished painting her new room and still has woodwork etc. to complete before he can then turn his attention to yet another repair job.  Hence the often stated - no wonder we never get ahead in this joint!
You can see the progression from right to left as she practices the playground scene she wants to draw.  Happy children on a slide - the sun is smiling.  I'm thinking if we hadn't been in such a hurry to clean it up, maybe we would have just framed it and called it art. I've seen worse.

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