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My Family
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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Day 7 - hopeful

So, today we started her feeds at the ridiculous rate of 1/2 oz formula and 1/2 oz. water - which worked. Then we went up to 2 oz. of 1/2 and 1/2 - then 3 and just an hour ago 4 - hallelujah we may be on the road to home sweet home. After watching almost the whole floor of kids empty out - 8 went home - only 4 of us left - we sure hope to be heading out before 1 tomorrow.

This day was one of those days when this diverse family was just a lot to handle. We had an adult daughter miss her work bus, so had to run her to work after loading 2 on their summer school bus and dropping one off at his summer school program. Then, we get a call that Christian's G-tube fell out so Mark had to deliver that to school and then put it in as the school "nurse" had no idea how to do that - seriously.

Then I got a call at Gillette, the hospital where Shannon is, that our former foster son, who we retain guardianship for, was at Gillette and needed a form signed in order to be allowed to pay for his own dental as MA no longer covers two visits a year - again, seriously? So, I walked over to do that and called Mark on the way back and we commiserated on what a ridiculous life we lead sometimes.

Should we go home tomorrow we will be embarking on a new path. There are many things that will never be the same with Shannon - none bad, just different - a new normal - yes even at our house there is a normal - Reeves style normal.

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  1. glad to hear shannon's doing little better and hopefully she'll be able to go home.