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My Family
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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A full plate

It's another week when we just have too much on our plate to finish and we're totally stuffed. It seems as if every time we think we've finished one course someone brings us another one. Some of the courses are delicious and enjoyable and some are bitter and poorly seasoned.

Jacob has a spot at a charter school which is a delectable dish. Ella now moves to the first in line for her grade, so hopefully she will get in this year as well. She is not as excited as Jacob as she has good friends at school she doesn't want to leave, but as social as she is she will do just fine. The only stickler is the school is year round and starts on Aug. 9. We had some fun stuff planned for Aug. he will miss, so hopefully that won't cause him too much angst.

Last night there was a thunder storm and Callie girl HATES thunder. With her sensitivity to sound - especially unexpected ones - they are just terrorizing. She ended up sleeping with her "ear muffs" - Peltor sound protectors. She had them on all night. It's so sad to me as I love a good thunder storm.

Hopefully today will be a day to finish a dish and get closer to dessert - I LOVE dessert!

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