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My Family
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Friday, July 9, 2010

mostly good day- a few rough spots

For the most part it was a good day. She moved out of PICU and onto the regular floor. She had two bouts of low O2 levels which required suctioning - not a fav. This evening they also used a BD vest which basically pounds your chest area with air, if you will. Wasn't sure how uncomfortable that'd be, but she tolerated it well. The follow up suction was hard, but daddy said after I left she was sleeping deeply again.

Tomorrow is a big day. She'll be off the PCA - patient controlled analgesic, which is controlled by her caregivers in her case. Basically that means she'll be off instantaneous pain relief and will be backed off of the harder narcotics till tylenol holds her pain. Also, they will begin her tube feedings which will be via the new G/J tube. So, praying all those changes go smoothly and she won't be too uncomfortable. Also that her "bowels" - sorry if that's TMI - will wake up, if you will. Very important.

Daddy is there for the night and tomorrow. A few siblings will visit tomorrow evening and then it'll be my turn again. Her big bro Jonathan will spend Sun. with her so we can go to church - if she behaves herself ;-)

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