My Family

My Family
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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sisterly love

Tonight Ella and some friends from church were together for bible study and as they shared prayer requests Ella shared about Shannie's hospital bed, which led to a discussion about the accessible bathroom we - and by we I mean Mark - are working on. One of the girls asked about how Shannie uses the bathroom and Ella promptly responded - "that's classified". Funny girl - way to protect your sister's privacy Ella.

We spent several hours undoing Ella's hair today. Hopefully, we can make an appt. sometime over the next week for a redo. It sure was nice to have a ready to go hair do every day. She kept saying how much she missed her hair and how special she felt with it and now she felt just like everyone else. Oh, Ella, you are so not like everyone else.

I think tomorrow we will try weaning off of the every 4 hr. dose of Tylenol. It's hard when Shannon is unable to tell us ahead of time whether she thinks she still needs it or not, so trial and error is our only course. We can also remove the main bandage, but the steri strips will come off slowly and surely - slowly is usually our experience.

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