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My Family
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Saturday, July 17, 2010

A wierd night

It was my turn at 4AM last night. First I got confused about which meds she was suppose to have and started squirting one kind of med into another kind's bottle. I caught myself before I mixed 1 ml. into the wrong bottle. So, then I went in to give her the formula and meds and could not get the g-tube to flow. Once in awhile a little chunk of pill might get stuck so I used just a water syringe to try to push it through, but no luck.

I had to wake Mark up and see if I just wasn't strong enough, but no it was totally stuck. Next step is to take out the fluid in the balloon which anchors the g-tube into her body. It came out like pink med mixed with formula - wierd. So, he did it again - same deal. Shoot, for some reason it was pulling her stomach contents out rather then just the clear water that is suppose to be in there. I pulled on the G-tube and it came right out. We only have one spare, which we used, so hopefully it won't do anything crazy till they can deliver a new one next week. There is a picture of the kit with the new g-tube and one of inserting the new one.

Incredibly in the 11 years she's had a G-tube we've never had this problem. Why this week of all weeks and the middle of the night of all times? I got nothing - no really, I've got nothing.

Our grandson and his daddy came over to run the back yard - heat and all. I plan to enjoy his amazing energy and perhaps can gain some just by watching him. OK, probably not, but it will bring a smile and that's always good for the soul.

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