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My Family
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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Home Sweet Home

It feels a little like getting out of prison. In no way do I prefer the hospital, but it is daunting at first putting together her schedule of meds and feeds and then just doing all her other cares by ourselves without supervision. Do they really think we're capable? As always a rhythm will develop and the meds will be weaned and then we'll be back to our new normal.

What exactly do I mean by a new normal? Up till this surgery we could all lift Shannon by ourselves - granted in this past year she's gotten a little ganglier and heavier and I knew before long I would no longer be able to safely do that. She gained 10 lbs with this surgery and single person lifts are impossible and not safe for her or the lifter. So, when transfers are needed 2 adults will be needed. Further into her recovery, like 6 weeks or more, a hoyer lift can be used. Also, a new stander is in order for weightbearing and to prevent her bones from becoming too brittle. We're also looking at new bath chairs - one that can roll into the shower or sits in a bath.

We had a little scare tonight and are keeping a close eye and trying not to worry about a small area of possible infection. Perhaps too much info., but keeping the lower part of her back - the incision goes to the very bottom of her spine, no pun intended, clean is very difficult. So, we clean as best we can and pray for rapid healing.

For now - we have food or meds to deliver every 2 hrs. round the clock except for one 4 hr. time period during the night. Stinkin' Tylenol only lasts 4 hrs. and Ibuprofen inhibits bone healing - so, for now we set the clock. Hopefully in another week or so we can try spreading out those night hours and hopefully weaning her off the meds - one that is particularly addictive - will not be too difficult for her.

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