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My Family
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Thursday, July 8, 2010

so far so good

At first sight Shannie looked pretty rough. Her face is pretty torn up from the tape and was also quite swollen from laying on her stomach all that time. We saw her incision which is from her neck to the base of her spine, but amazingly looks pretty clean.

I had to laugh, incredulously, when the surgeon's assistant - called a fellow - said something like she looks pretty good. For real? I think it might have been one of those things you say and then hit yourself on the head later, but for crying out loud think first man.

Shannie is doing incredibly well right now. She has pain, but it seems to be well contolled and the nurses are right on top of it.

Mark went home to be with the rest of the kids and will be back tomorrow for a 24 hr. stint. He had spent all day yesterday here as well, so was anxious to go home I think.

Thanks for all the prayers - we surely appreciate them.

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