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My Family
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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Every time I think I know everything............

It has occurred to us a hospital bed might be helpful in physically dealing with Shannon - you know, before we too need back surgery. As we mentioned the possibility to her new social worker she said - surgery or not she should be eligible. It may sound ignorant, but it never occurred to us to ask.

Wouldn't you think with all the specialists in her life - social worker, physical therapists, occupational therapists, orthopedic specialists etc. etc. - someone might have asked if we needed one? Sometimes I think they all forget - for us - this is the first time we've dealt with all this. When we had foster kids with physical issues - we bought our own lousy bed - and I mean lousy - it cranked and was just kinda icky.

We also need a new bath chair - with the dual purpose of sitting in the bottom of a tub or rolling into an accessible shower. This time, they won't let us even order one until our shower is installed - kinda ridiculous when it works for either. So, the heat is on for Mark to get moving on the bathroom. Poor guy is still pretty tired and has to rustle up the energy to get that going. I'm so grateful we can do this as a team. How exhausting to go it alone.

For now, we have put risers under Shannon's bed legs which at least puts her up to our waist height for lifts in and out. More room under the bed for often used care items and such as well. Right now, Jill is putting some vinyl butterflies and flowers to brighten up her room - the white walls were starting to feel much too hospitally.

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