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My Family
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Thursday, July 8, 2010

She's in

Shannie went in to surgery right on time. After talking with the surgical nurse, surgeon, anesthesiologist etc. we were again struck by how involved this is. She will have a central line and an arterial line as well as all the other tubing that goes with surgery. There is a 10-15% chance she will need the intubation and respiration tubes to remain in after surgery - we are really praying that won't be needed as her gag reflux is so strong she really hates that.

Last night as we were bathing her according to the new standards - all clean towels, new bar of soap, clean bedding and jammies - we were saying how it felt a little like Abraham must have felt when he took Isaac to the mountain. We know Shannie knew something was up, but the details are a mystery to her. It feels a little like taking an innocent lamb to slaughter.

We should receive several updates during the day and will try to post if the computers are available.

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