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My Family
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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Day 6 - A set back

It's been a busy couple of days. Yesterday was looking very good - her G-tube was switched back from the temporary G/J tube, her drain tube was removed as was one IV and tube feedings had started - very slowly, but all systems were a go. We thought we were on track to come home on Wed.

One little issue came up Tues. when the surgeon's resident was insisting on having an x-ray taken with her sitting on a stool - mind you she had only been in her chair once and for less then an hour, not to mention she never sits much straighter then 30 degrees. So, I said - not going to happen. I had several nurses and the PT all agreeing and a call was put in to the surgeon that also agreed the pics should be taken sitting in her chair. I felt a little like a naughty girl looking for that guy all day to say nana boo-boo - Mommy 1 - Resident 0.

During the night last night, my turn, they had to turn the feedings off as her little tummy got very swollen and hard and she broke out in a sweat. After X-rays they could see her intestines were full of gas and so all feeds were stopped and the IV started to flow again. As I left tonight she was more comfortable and we finally saw a little smile before we left as her dear Linda is spending the night with her. We are blessedly home together for about 12 hours and are looking forward to an awesome and comfortable night's sleep.

Thought some of you would enjoy the before and after photos. How she tolerated that horribly crooked little back I'll never know. She is one tough cookie.


  1. Thanks for posting the x-ray pic's. I'll continue to say prayers for her.


  2. Thanks Melissa I'm so glad to know Shannie has you praying for her.

  3. Wow, she really did have a crooked spine. Just goes to show us all what a tough little girl she is. She's definitely not a complainer. Hopefully she will get home soon. Becky