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My Family
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Friday, July 9, 2010

Pretty good night

Good morning - it was a pretty decent night for Shannie. She spent some time on each side and is tolerating it well. Her oxygen levels kept dropping, so they put a mask by her with O2 and that did the trick. She hates coughing even when she's well, so they've had to suction her some which isn't too fun.

They just removed her aerterial line and will be moving her out of PICU and onto the regular kids floor. That will be very nice, although it's been very comfortable here as well. The PICU is brand new - she was the first patient when they opened the new PICU at the U about 6 yrs. back. This is a habit that really needs to be broken ;-) Everyone is always so thrilled with their new digs and we're trying to be gracious "guests".

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