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My Family
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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Woo-Hoo Shannie

Well, today's goal of backing off of the meds has been a HUGE! success. She had her last dose of Tylenol almost 12 hrs. tonight and the same for one of the anti-spasm medications. What a relief! We were so worried she would be uncomfortable without them, but she's doing just great. What a tough cookie.

After taking Ella's hair out I was having trouble getting all the tangles out - so had to have more instruction from the daughter-in-law who is personally in the know. I should have washed it before trying to brush and then comb it out. 9 years dealing with her hair and I'm still learning - either I'm really slow or it's really that much work. I chose #2 since most black women pay someone else to "fix" their hair too - not so much into the do-it-yourself hair.

Last night our electricity went out about 4AM and didn't come back on till almost 8. Callie and Christian had speech, so had to be out the door before that - so they grabbed breakfast on the way and were a little messy, but they got there. I was soooo grateful it came back on before Shannie woke up and I had to open the fridge for her food. We are also well, as in water well, people - so no electricity, no water. Never a good thing to be without in our house.

So, here's hoping tonight is a restful night. We will give Shannon her nighttime meds as late as possible and hope she sleeps all night - it sure would be awesome to sleep without setting a middle of the night alarm.

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