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My Family
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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Spinning in circles

When you have the variety of special needs kids we have the time and attention that these past two weeks we have taken for Shannon is bound to affect some of the other kids. For those who have attachment issues it brings back those feelings of abandonment when we are away so much and even when we were home our attention wasn't on them.

We have had meltdowns the likes of which we haven't seen in probably a year with one. Between the demands of summer school, which I'm sure doesn't help his good feelings of self esteem as his learning disabilities make school a huge stressor and the time away he is falling apart. So, we try to scrap up a little extra energy to give the one on one attention that they need and pray it's enough for now.

Then we have our goofball daughter spinning around in the living room - I think my head actually feels that way right now. Between weariness and so many chores and information circulating my brain is definitely overloaded. Maybe I should join her next time - at least that kind of dizziness goes away.

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